Parking. See above, bearing in mind the closure of the B4011, Bicester Road between Brill Road and Manor Road, it is crucial people allow time to park their cars and walk to the church.

Parking for pre-arranged VIPs participants will be at Manor Farm, Oakley HP18 9QD, please arrive before the road closure.

Depending on weather conditions: if weather conditions are “dry” there will be parking in the field adjacent to the Church in Church Close field. Access to this car park will available from the West only until 09:30, when the B4011 (Bicester Road) at the junction with Manor Road. Similarly, access to the Church Close car park will be available from the East (Brill Road, Thame Road) only until 09:30. Minimal access may be possible from the East until 09:50 via the Brill Road lay-by.

If conditions are “wet”, parking will be on the Oakley Playing Field, on the Oxford Road. Access is via Lynnons View HP18 9LQ. There will be no access from the East (Brill, Long Crendon, Thame) direction after 09:30, when the B4011 (Bicester Road) is closed. Please use alternative arrangements to access the “wet” car park after this time (via Worminghall or Touchbridge Farm, Boarstall Road, Brill, HP18 9UJ).

Please check on the  from Monday 24th April on the car park to use

If you have special requirements for access or parking, please contact  [email protected]

Marshals will be in each location to direct traffic.