Grave of George Measey


1911 Census (Oakley, ref 014)
Name George Measey
Address: Royal Oak, Worminghall Road, Oakley
Building Public House
Age: 22
Born 1889, Oakley Bucks
Status Single
Occupation Assisting in the business
Other people on census
Father (Head): Joseph Measey (61, Widower, Inn Keeper and Small farmer, born 1850, Oakley, Bucks.
Brothers: Charles Measey (29, Single, , Assisting in the Business, born 1882, Oakley, Bucks)
Frank Measey (16, Single, Assisting in the Business, born 1896, Oakley, Bucks)
Sisters: Lucy Measey (19, Single, born 1892, Oakley, Bucks)

1901 Census (Oakley, ref 027)
Name Charles Measey
Address: Royal Oak, Worminghall Road, Oakley
Building Public House
Age: 12
Born 1889, Oakley Bucks
Other people on census
Father (Head): Joseph Measey (50, Married, Farmer, small holding, born 1851, Oakley, Bucks.
Mother: Martha Measey (46, Married, born 1855, Oakley, Bucks.
Brothers: Albert Measey (19, Single, Ordinary agricultural labourer on Farm, born 1889, Oakley, Bucks)
Charles Measey (18, Single, Domestic House boy on Farm, born 1883, Oakley, Bucks)
Thomas Measey (16, Single, Cattleman on Farm, born 1885, Oakley, Bucks)
James Measey (14, Single, Ploughboy on Farm, born 1887, Oakley, Bucks)
Frank Measey (6, Single, born 1895, Oakley, Bucks)
Sisters: Lucy Measey (9, Single, born 1892, Oakley, Bucks)

1891 Census (Oakley, ref 009)
Name George Measey
Address: In the Village
Age: 2
Born 1889
Other people on census
Father (Head): Joseph Measey (39, Married, Farm labourer, born 1852, Oakley, Bucks.
Mother: Martha E. Measey (32, Married, born 1859, Oakley, Bucks.
Brothers: William Measey (11, born 1880, Farm Boy, Oakley, Bucks)
Albert Measey (9, Scholar, born 1882, Oakley, Bucks)
Charles H. Measey (8, Scholar, born 1883, Oakley, Bucks)
Thomas Measey (5, Scholar, born 1886, Oakley, Bucks)
James Measey (4, born 1887, Oakley, Bucks)
Sisters: Mabel A. Measey (13, Single, born 1878, Oakley, Bucks)
Mary A. Measey (6, Scholar, born 1885, Oakley, Bucks)

Vevey (St Martin’s) Cemetery, Switzerland

Memorials/notes etc.
Oakley War Memorial.
Memorial: Vevey (St Martin’s) Cemetery, Switzerland
Grave Reference: 47
Waddesdon Deanery Magazine
Jan 1916 Oakley recruit
May 1918 Prisoner of War
November 1918 A memorial service was held for Charlie Wheeler at 2:30 p.m. on October 6th, and was followed by the sad news of the death of another of Joseph Measey’s sons, George at Chateau d’Oeux, Switzerland. Our sympathy goes out to him, who has lost so many of his brave boys, He has indeed been called to make a great sacrifice, but God has these souls in His keeping in Paradise. His Park, which cannot be far away from His beautiful Home. There He will do for them what will fit them for the Day when He calls them to receive their crown of victory

Rank George Measey


Personal information

Known as                        George Measey
Born:                               21 December 1888, Oakley, Bucks
Baptised:                         24th June 1890, Oakley Church
Pre-War Occupation       Policeman
Rank                                Private
Died:                               5th October 1918, Chateau d’Oeux, Switzerland
Cause of Death               Died of illness
Age at death                    28 years 10 months
Buried                             Vevey (St Martin’s) Cemetery, Switzerland



Father:                            Joseph Measey (born c. 20 Oct 1848, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 20th Oct 1848 aged 5 weeks at Oakley Chapel; married 28th Feb 1878, Oakley Church; died Sept 1937, age 89, Oakley; buried 28th Feb 1937, Oakley Church)
Mother:                           Martha Elizabeth Measey nee Gladdy (born 1855, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 18th Nov 1855, Oakley Church; married 28th Feb 1878, Oakley Church; died Jul 1908, age 54, Oakley; buried 26th July 1908, Oakley Church)
Brothers (6)                    William Measey (born 1879, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 5th Oct 1879, Oakley Church)
Albert Measey (born 13th Jun 1881, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 26th Oct 1884, Oakley Church)
Charles Henry Measey (born 26th Oct 1884; died 11th November 1917, France; buried Aeroplane Cemetery, France)
Thomas Measey (born 3rd Aug 1885, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 14th Mar 1886, aged 7 months, Oakley Church, died 20th Jan 1917, France; buried Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieries, France)
James Measey (born 13th Oct 1886, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 24th Jun 1890, Oakley Church, died 9th Sep 1909, Tiddington, Oxon, cause of death: accident with horse and cart; buried 13th Sept 1909, Oakley Church)
Frank Measey (born 8th Jan 1895, Oakley, Bucks; died 22nd Jun 1918 age 23 years 6 months, Salonika, Greece; buried Karasouli Military Cemetery, Greece)
Sisters (2)                        Mabel Annie Measey (born 1878, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 5th Oct 1879, Oakley Church; married 14th Mar 1905 to Emma Mile)
Mary Ann Measey (born 8th Apr 1884, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 26th Oct 1884, Oakley Church; married Apr-Jun 1908 to Henry (Harry) Govier, Thame District; died Jan-Mar 1973, Aylesbury District)
Lucy Caroline Measey (born 21 July 1891, Oakley, Bucks, died Oct-Dec 1973, Aylesbury District)
Paternal Grandfather:     William Measey (born 1811, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 1st Aug 1811, Oakley Church; married 4th Feb 1841, Oakley Church; died Jul 1896, age 84, Oakley, Bucks; buried 24th Jul 1896, Oakley Church)
Paternal Grandmother:   Marianne (Mary Ann) Measey nee Nixey (born 1820, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 12 Nov 1820, Oakley, Church married 4th Feb 1841, Oakley Church; died Dec 1859, age 38, Oakley, Bucks; buried 28th Dec 1859, service at Oakley Chapel)
Maternal Grandfather:    William Gladdy (born 11th Dec 1823, Oakley, Bucks; bapt.: 14th Dec 1923, Oakley Church; married 21st June 1844, Oakley Church; died 31st Mar 1866 aged 43, Oakley, Bucks; buried 5th Apr 1866, Oakley Church)
Maternal Grandmother:  Maria Gladdy nee Shirley (born 23rd Jan 1825, Little London, Bucks; married 21st June 1844, Oakley Church; died Oct 1901 aged 76, Oakley; buried 12th Oct 1901, Oakley Church)

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919

First Names: George
Surname: Measey
Birth town: Oakley, Brill, Bucks
Nationality: British
Enlistment Place Oxford
Fate: Died
Rank: Private
Service Number: 5645 and 202146
Regiment Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Battalion 2/4th Battalion
Date of death: 5th Oct 1918
Cause of death Died of illness
Age 28 years 10 months
Duty Location France and Flanders
Theatre of War Western European Theatre
Cemetery Vevey (St Martin’s) Cemetery, Switzerland

Vevey (St Martin’s) Cemetery, Switzerland

Military background
Regiment during World War 1
2/4th Battalion Territorial Force

Sept 1914 Formed at Oxford.
Jane 1915 Moved to Northampton and joined the 184th Brigade of the 61st Division and then moved to Chelmsford.
Mar 1916 Moved to Salisbury Plain.
26/05/1916 Mobilised for war and landed at Havre and engaged in various actions on the Western Front including;
1916 The Attack at Fromelles (unsuccessful diversionary tactic during the Battle of the Somme).
1917 The Operations on the Ancre, The German Retreat to the Hindenburg Line, The Battle of Langemark, The German counter attacks.
1918 The Battle of St Quentin, The Actions at the Somme Crossings, The Battle of Estaires, The Battle of Hazebrouck, The Battle of Bethune, The Battle of the Selle, The Battle of Valenciennes.
11/11/1918 Ended the war S.E. of Valenciennes, France. Details

There is little information as to when George Measey was captured and became a German Prisoner of War. The Waddesdon Deanery News in May 1918 published that he was a P.O.W., probably points towards him being captured during the German Operation Michael (21st March to 5th April), in which 75,000 allied soldiers were taken prisoner.

“George the fourth Measey son to die, was a private in the 2nd/4th Battalion of the Oxford & Buckinghamshire light Infantry, he ended up as a wounded prisoner of war at the Hotel Berthad at Chateau Loes in Switzerland and died of illness on 5 October 1918 and was buried at the Vevey St Martin Cemetery in Switzerland.”

Cross of Sacrifice, Vevey (St Martin’s) Cemetery

Cemetery / Memorial

Vevey (St Martin’s) Cemetery, Switzerland:
Identified Casualties: 136
Location Information
Vevey is a town on the northern shore of Lake Geneva (also known as Lake Leman), close to the eastern end of the lake. The cemetery is located above the main railway station. From the station follow the Chemin de l’Esperance. The main entrance to the cemetery is in the Chemin du Point du Jour. The Commonwealth war graves plot forms part of Plot 53, which is roughly in the centre of the cemetery.
Historical Information
In the year 1916, agreements were made between the Swiss Government and the French, British and German Governments under which a certain number of wounded prisoners of war were interned in Switzerland. The first British prisoners arrived on Swiss soil at the end of May, 1916; and the average number under treatment during the remainder of the war was 2,000. Of these, 61 died before repatriation; and, including other casualties, 88 British and Dominion sailors, soldiers and airmen, fallen in the Great War, are buried in Swiss soil.

Victory Medal Roll L/106 B13 Page 2606
British Medal Roll L/106 B13 Page 2606

UK Army Registry of Soldiers’ Effects (ref 828631)
Credit £43 19s 0d Allocated on 28/07/1919 to Father Joseph £43 19s 0d

Including War Gratuity £16