Grave of James Matthew Hawes, Magnaboschi Cemetery

1911 Census (Bardon Hill, Leicestershire, Ref 71)
Name James Hawes
Address: 2 Bardon Row, Bardon Hill, Leicester
Age 26
Born 1885, Oakley, Bucks
Status Single
Occupation Stone Quarry Labourer
Relationship to Head Boarder
Other people on census
Head: Harry Brewin Williamson (50, Married, Quarryman (Stone), born 1861, Bardon Hill, Leics.)
Wife: Charlotte Williamson (54, Married (27 years 9 children), Quarry Labourer, born 1857 Ellon, Northants)
Sons: James Brewin Williamson (17, Single, Stone Quarry Labourer, born 1894, Bardon Hill, Leics.)
John Harriser Williamson (12, Single, at School, born 1899, Bardon Hill, Leics.))
Harry G. Williamson (8, Single, at School, born 1903, Bardon Hill, Leics.))
Sisters: Olive Gertrude (14, Single, Domestic, born 1897, Bardon Hill, Leics.)

1901 Census (Oakley, ref 025)
Head (Father) Alfred Hawes (67, Married, Occupation Farmer, Smallholding, born 1834, Oakley, Bucks)
Address: Worminghall Road (next door to Royal Oak)
Other people on census
Mother: Ann Hawes (58, Married, born 1843, Oakley,
Nephew: Bertie Hawes (10, born 1891 Oakley, Bucks)

1891 Census (Oakley, ref 008)
Name James Hawes
Address: In the Village
Age: 9
Born 1882, Oakley, Bucks
Occupation Scholar
Other people on census
Father (Head): Alfred Hawes (52, Married, occupation Farm Labourer, born 1839 Oakley, Bucks)
Mother: Ann Hawes (48, Married, born 1853, Oakley, Bucks)
Brothers: John Hawes (20, Single, occupation Farm Labourer, born 1871, Oakley, Bucks)
Charles Hawes (14, Single, occupation Farm Labourer, born 1877, Oakley, Bucks)
Earnest Hawes (7, Scholar, born 1884, Oakley, Bucks)
Sisters: Sarah Hawes (24, Single, born 1867, Oakley, Bucks)
Elizabeth Hawes (18, Single, born 1873, Oakley, Bucks)
Nephew Bertie Hawes (6 months, born 1890, Oakley, Bucks)

1881 Census (Oakley, ref 023)
Father (Head): Alfred Hawes (43, Married, Occupation Farm Labourer, born 1838, Oakley, Bucks)
Address: Worminghall Road
Other people on census
Mother: Ann Hawes (40, Married, born 1841, Oakley, Bucks)
Brothers: William Hawes (13, Scholar, born 1868, Oakley, Bucks)
John Hawes (10, Scholar, born 1871, Oakley, Bucks)
George Hawes (6, Scholar, born 1875, Oakley, Bucks)
Charles Hawes (4, born 1877, Oakley, Bucks)
Sisters: Sarah Hawes (15, born 1866, Oakley, Bucks)
Elizabeth Hawes (8, Scholar, born 1873, Oakley, Bucks)

1871 Census (Oakley, ref 023)
Father (Head): Alfred Hawes (39, Married, Occupation Agricultural Labourer, born 1832, Oakley, Bucks)
Address: Worminghall Road
Other people on census
Mother: Ann Hawes (29, Married, born 1842, Oakley, Bucks)
Brothers: Alfred H. Hawes (3, born 1868, Oakley, Bucks)
John H Hawes (2 months, born 1871, Oakley, Bucks)

Sisters: Sarahann Hawes (5, Scholar, born 1866 Oakley, Bucks)

Cross of Sacrifice, Magnaboschi British Cemetery, Italy


Northumberland Fusiliers: Roll of Individuals entitles to the Victory Medal and British War Medal granted under Army Orders 301 and 266 of 1919:

241176 Pte James Matthew HAWES – 1/5th Northumberland Fusiliers 5/4916
1/5th Nothd. Fus. 241176
11th Nothd. Fus 241176
11th Nothd. Fus 241176

Victory Medal O/1/105B/27 5944
British Medal O/1/105B/27 5944

Private James Matthew HAWES

Known as                        James Hawes

Born:                               20th April 1881, Oakley, Bucks

Baptised:                         20th January 1884, Oakley Church

Pre-War Occupation       Stone Quarry Labourer

Rank                                Private

Married:                          Unmarried

Died:                               15th June 1918

Cause of Death               Killed in Action

Age at death                    36

Buried                             Magnabaschi British Cemetery

Father:                            Alfred Hawes (born 1834, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 16th Nov 1834, Oakley Church; married 23rd Nov 1863, Oakley Church; died Dec 1908, Stone, age 74; bur. 18 Dec 1908, Oakley Church)

Mother:                           Ann Hawes, nee Rasin (born 1843, Oakley, Bucks; married 23 Nov 1863, Oakley Church; Jun 1915, age 72, Oakley; bur. 29 June 1915, Oakley Church)

Brothers (6)                    William Hawes (bapt. 7th Feb 1863, Oakley Church; died in infancy)

William Alfred Hawes (born 1868, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 3rd March 1868, Oakley Church;)

John Henry Hawes (born 1871, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 2nd April 1871, Oakley Church)

George Edwin Hawes (born 1875, Oakley, Bucks; bapt.5th Nov 1876, Oakley Church)

Charles Thomas Hawes (born 1876, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 5th Nov 1876, Oakley Church; died 27th March 1918, aged 41, Pozieres, France, killed in action)

Ernest Albert Hawes (born 19th Aug 1883, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 20th Jan 1884, Oakley Church)

Sisters (4)                        Sarah Ann Hawes (born 1865, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 1st October 1865, Oakley Church)

Elizabeth Jane Hawes (born 1868, Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 2nd Feb 1873, Oakley Church)

Ruth Hawes (bapt. 30th Nov 1879, Oakley Church)

Nelly Jane Hawes (born 7th February 1879 Oakley Bucks, bapt. 20th Jan 1884, Oakley Church)

Paternal Grandfather:     James Hawes (born 1800, Little London, Brill, Bucks; bapt. 15th June 1800, Oakley Church; married 3rd Aug 1831, Oakley Church; died October 1875, age 75, Oakley, buried 20th Oct 1875, Oakley Church)

Paternal Grandmother:   Rebecca Hawes nee Barnett (born 1808, Launton, Oxon; bapt. 15th Oct 1808, Launton Church; married 3rd Aug 1831, Oakley Church; death July 1882, age 74 Oakley; bur. 17 Aug 1882, Oakley Church)

Maternal Grandfather:    William Reason (born 1786, Tycer (Tysoe), Warwickshire; bapt. 19th March 1790, Tysoe Church, Warwickshire; married 1838, Oakley Church; died 1860, age 70; Oakley, bur. 5th Oct 1860, age 77, Oakley Church)

Maternal Grandmother:  Sarah Reason nee Hawes (born 1811 Oakley, Bucks; bapt. 14th Jun 1810, Oakley Church; married 1838, Oakley Church;)

Magnaboschi British Cemetery, Italy

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919

First Names: James Matthew
Surname: Hawes
Resided Town Coleville, Leicestershire
Birth town: Oakley, Bucks
Nationality: British
Date of death: 15th June 1918
Fate: Killed in Action
Rank: Private
Service Number: 241176
Service British Army
Regiment Northumberland Fusiliers
Battalion 11th Battalion
Age 36

Grave reference Plot 3. Row E. Grave 1.
Duty Location Italy

Magnaboschi British Cemetery, Italy
Magnaboschi British Cemetery, Italy

Military background
Regiment during World War 1
1/5th Northumberland. Fusilier
5/4916 Private
1/5th Northd Fus 241176
11th Northd. Fus 241176

Service number 241176

Battle Of The Piave – The Fighting On The Asiago Plateau – 15/06/1918
Location: Trenches at Cesuna. Allied victory. The Italian front was a series of battles fought between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the border which separated their territories.
Italy had entered the Triple Alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary but did not declare war in 1914, the Italian government insisting that the Triple Alliance had been agreed for defence and not aggression. Following the 1915 Treaty of London, Italy had promised to annex the Austrian Littoral, Northern Dalmatia and the Southern Tyrol; intending for a short surprise campaign, Italy’s war had become one of entrenchment and stalemate.
To counter Italy’s lack of morale and troop shortage Britain sent three divisions and France two divisions to Northern Italy. The 23rd Division were one of the divisions sent to Italy in November 1917, arriving to serve with XIV Corps, Italian Army in December 1917.
In June, the Division were in the front line on the Asiago Plateau, when the Austro-Hungarian Army launched a large-scale offensive, the Battle of the Piave River, in an attempt to inflict a decisive defeat on the Italian Army and end the war. In the front line near Cesuna, 23rd Division were holding the right sector, 68th Brigade and 70th Brigade in the front lines trenches were able to repel the attack, but 48th Division to the left broke and the Austro-Hungarian infantry captured around 3,000 yards of trench front and were able to penetrate for approximately 1,000 yards.
British troops managed to contain the enemy and on 16th June mounted a counter attack, successfully clearing the trench by mid-morning. Seizing the opportunity, both British divisions advanced into No Man’s Land and captured around 1,000 prisoners, a number of artillery pieces including a trench mortar, 72 machine guns and 20 flame throwers.
Lieutenant J.S. Youll, 11th Northumberland Fusiliers and Lieutenant-Colonel C.E. Hudson, 11th Sherwood Foresters, were both awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions during the attack.
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists 32 soldiers of the Northumberland Fusiliers dying on 15th June 1918 in Italy and being buried in MAGNABOSCHI BRITISH CEMETERY.

Magnaboschi British Cemetery, Italy


Historical Information
The Italians entered the war on the Allied side, declaring war on Austria, in May 1915. Commonwealth forces were at the Italian front between November 1917 and November 1918.
In March 1918, XIV Corps (the 7th, 23rd and 48th Divisions) relieved Italian troops on the front line between Asiago and Canove, the front being held by two divisions with one division in reserve on the plain. The French held the line to the left, with the Italians to the right.
The front was comparatively quiet until the Austrians attacked in force from Grappa to Canove in the Battle of Asiago (15-16 June 1918). The Allied line was penetrated to a depth of about 1,000 metres on 15 June but the lost ground was retaken the next day and the line re-established. Between June and September, frequent successful raids were made on the Austrian trenches.
Magnaboschi British Cemetery is one of five Commonwealth cemeteries on the Asiago Plateau containing burials relating to this period. It contains 183 burials of the First World War. This includes Special Memorials to 4 burials in Plot 3. Row D. Graves 4, 5, 6 and 8, of which the burials cannot be individually identified.